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When I was starting to read more and more about the climate crisis, I was sometimes confused when I heard that methane is 80 times more effective in warming the planet than CO2. I was wondering, why are we talking about CO2 so much then?

So this blog post aims to answer that question. To do so, we will briefly look into the greenhouse-effect, go through the most important greenhouse gases, global warming potential and carbon-equivalents.

Some basics:

First of all, it is important to understand that almost all energy consumed on earth originates from the sun.

Secondly, it is important to…

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This is a typical statement that many of us may be very familiar with, so I was thinking about what the best way to deal with it might look like.

Even though this is not the main point of this blog post, I feel obliged to say why I think this argument is stupid. Yes, the climate is always changing, but you are mistaken if you draw from it that we should not act about the climate crisis we are facing now.

  • The climate has changed in the past, but these changes have been relatively slow, which gave the life-supporting…

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Was sind negative Emissionen?

“Negative Emissionen” ist ein Begriff, der den Prozess beschreibt, Kohlenstoff aus der Atmosphäre zu entnehmen und ihn dann zu verwenden oder zu speichern. “Negativ” meint also nicht schlecht, sondern beschreibt die Tatsache, dass wir der Atmosphäre Kohlenstoff entziehen, anstatt ihr etwas hinzuzufügen.

Kurzbeschreibung von Kohlenstoff positiv, neutral und negativ


  • Wir gehen in einen Wald und verbrennen einen Baum. Das ist kohlenstoff-positiv, da es mehr Kohlenstoff in die Atmosphäre abgibt, als es entzieht.


  • Wir pflanzen einen Baum, und er speichert eine Tonne Kohlenstoff in seiner Biomasse und dem umgebenden Boden. Wir verbrennen den Baum, und der gesamte gebundene Kohlenstoff wird freigesetzt. …

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What are negative emissions?

“Negative Emissions” is a term used to describe the process of taking carbon out of the atmosphere and then using or storing it in some kind of way. “Negative” is thereby nothing bad but describes the fact that we subtract from the atmosphere, rather than to add to it.

Clarification on Carbon positive, neutral and negative


  • You go to a forest and burn a tree. That is carbon positive since it releases more carbon into the atmosphere than it withdraws.


  • You plant a tree, and it sequesters 1 ton in its biomass and the surrounding soil. You burn the tree, and all sequestered carbon is…

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